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     Anesthesia is uniquely dualistic -- an Art and a Science, both a practice of medicine and a practice of nursing -- and delivered ideally not only from the head but also from the heart of your anesthesia provider.  Likewise of a dual nature, offers not only educational information, but also editorial opinion from denizens of the cloistered world of gaspassers.
    The educational pages are the more strictly factual.  As Dr. C. Everett Koop has said, "The best prescription is knowledge."  Links will take you to authoritative information from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists,, the Council for Public Interest in Anesthesia, the American Society of Anesthesiologists, and a variety of other sources.
    The editorial matter on is less formal.  CRNA authors spin tales of amazing patients and brave exploits in foreign lands; others present first-hand insights critical of American Medicine.  It's time the Whole Truth About Anesthesia became public.  Discover CRNAs in their own words, stepping out now from behind the 'ether screen' of anonymity -- nurse anesthetists unmasked and unmuzzled.

    Here's to you, my friends, my patients, my colleagues both CRNA and physician alike -- healthcare consumers all.

Still in progress

  • Caution: Con-Artist in the O.R. 
  • Wouldn't you really rather have a doctor?  NOT!
  • Dirty Politics As Usual: the Feds continue featherbedding
  • GasPasser, the novel
  • Humor by Iowanna Isherwood, official Ether Bunny of
  • Info for surgeons --the myth of vicarious liability 
  • for my MDA friends 
  • What you must do to be a CRNA  (with apologies to Gary Snyder)
  • Useful links for patients

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