Consumer information on anesthesia related subjects:

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Patient resources from the AANA 

Information on safety    

Information on multi-disciplinary pain relief    American Academy of Pain Management

Questions To Ask Your Doctor Before Surgery
    by , on WebMD

The Anesthesia Nursing and Medicine Pages,
    by USAF Lt Colonel Thomas J. Evans, BSN, MS, CRNA
            Award-winning site, lots of pictures, excellent history section

The History of Anesthesia, Virginia S. Thatcher's 1953 classic, free in PDF

Your Surgery: LARGE page with lots of diagrams   YourSurgery.Com®

                            Also has a pre-anesthetic self-history checklist

National Library of Medicine's PubMed

Prescription Drug Reference

Human Anatomy online

From Womens Health: What kind of anesthesia will I need?       

Questions on Office Based Anesthesia?  by Dr Robert K. Stoelting

About MAC, Monitored Anesthesia Care

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